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Without Emily's incessant and meaningless inner monologue and the narrators horrible acting I think the character's downfalls would be more tolerable.

The Case Against De-Extinction: It’s a Fascinating but Dumb Idea

The only reason I finished this book is because it was an audio book. I don't stop listening to many audiobooks in the middle, but this one is a rare exception. I should have paid more attention to previous reviews, but chose to give the book a shot because so many were positive. The main character is so annoying that I found myself caring little if she made it. The style of writing is so tedious I wanted to bang my head into the steering wheel.

I really just disliked this character. The world is ending and she decides to flee New York City on a bicycle?

Over half of world's wild primate species face extinction, report reveals

I've been to New York, I have issues envisioning this kind of thing. It did not come off as even the least bit imaginable for me. Somehow in the preview I missed the fact that this is about aliens and I dislike alien stories but that's probably more my fault than the authors.

Nothing about this one I liked. I would try another book by Emily Beresford who narrated the book, however I won't be reading any more books written by Paul Antony Jones. What do you think your next listen will be?


I am currently listening to Night Film by Marisha Pessl and it has nearly made me forget the horrible experience called Extinction Point. Who would you have cast as narrator instead of Emily Beresford? I think the narrator did a fine job with the material she was given. What character would you cut from Extinction Point?

There is really only the main character, so I would cut her Stay away from this book! What could have made this a 4 or 5-star listening experience for you? If the entire book had only been the first five chapters. Too much detail, which made it very slow paced. Would you listen to another book narrated by Emily Beresford?


Yeah, sure. She did a good job. The story line was interesting, blood rain, all of humanity disappearing, nasty looking aliens, all thumbs up, but it took too long for it to get anywhere. And now I have regret. This book is tedious and unbelievable. The main character is stupid, and the story is nothing but a dry narrative of her foolish actions. It was a real hate-listen: I finished it only to be able to write a scathing review.

But now that I'm done, I don't have the energy.

Extinction - Wikipedia

Just dreadful. The deal will be when this novel gets to the extinction point. Was on a commute, and it was the only listen I had. The reader experiences no character development with the one exception of a stray dog. There was no real attempt to link sci fi elements with reality, and the writing didn't allow the reader to suspend reality, resulting in a poor attempt at story execution.

Pass it by. I can't imagine anyone finding this book anything but aweful. It has a great story Idea, but it is so poorly written it should have never been published. The Repetitious use of words makes it seem like the writer was trying to reach a word count. Did Emily Beresford do a good job differentiating all the characters?

THe Naration was fine. This book should not have been published and sold. It will need a complete rewrite. I have not read an extinction story before and found this to be excellent. We follow Emily Baxter day by day. We see her everyday life, for a day, before the Blood rain falls and the virus takes affect. The description of her feeling and the events around what happened to her policeman boyfriend were well described. We watch as the virus overtakes the city and she realises she is alone.

From other peoples reviews it is obviously a love it or hate it book and I am on the love it side. Great story if u are into sci fi alien invasion storys this first in a series is awesome am off to download next in series. I loved the story and was excited to see the next book has been released! What a great story I bought this audio recording because it was recommended by Audible or Amazon's search engine bots for me. Why - I don't know. Think "I am Legend" with a woman instead of Will Smith and red goo aliens instead of the rabid, vampire monsters. Why on earth she chooses a bicycle instead of a car is a mystery.

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The endless descriptions of clothing and "I think this" "I decided that" were tedious. It did keep me reading, so it wasn't appalling, but really not very good. I suppose comparing it against them is not fair, but there are a number of modern authors who write exciting and more contemporary stories.

This just isn't one of them. I tried to like this book - but seriously - the performer screaming at the top of her lungs continuously throughout the scene in an attempt to show what the child sounds like is just too much. I can easily imagine it by myself, thank you, there is no need to continuously illustrate it.

Ok, fine, do it once, but at least 10 times in one scene? Who signs off on this? Sorry but I am going to stop the book here and not going to risk anymore, in case there are other sudden weird screaming sounds in this book, the performance is just bizarre and inappropriate in my opinion.

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There should be a warning in the description of this book about these screams - ridiculous. Fire alarm? Maybe I would have given it a bit longer, but the screams were just too much.

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  7. It was an enjoyable listen for the most part. The main characters acceptance of the end of the world was was similar to my reaction to running out of milk! The fascination with bicycles is a new twist Love this series. So started it again. Narration is superb, intriguing story and a great adventure into the unknown A must in my opinion.

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    By: Paul Antony Jones. Narrated by: Emily Beresford. Series: Extinction Point , Book 1. Length: 8 hrs and 36 mins.