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About Mom's Spaghetti is a bait-and-switch copypasta derived from the lyrics of Eminem's hit rap single "Lose Yourself. Victorian "Mom's Spaghetti," Eminem - Lose Yourself - Spag Twilight Sparkles Spaghettie Mom's Spaghetti Uploaded by Sir.

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Hellsing Abridged Episode 8 (Part 2)

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Ultimate Twilight Saga Spoof: the Gay Re-cut. The truth was all in front of your eyes :D

A plain faced woman, enjoying her victory in a beauty pageant. All of which has a certain Norman Rockwell charm, except these scenes are a little too much like a painting, in that nobody is moving in them.

The best movies from a decade that changed everything.

No matter how desperately the astronauts try and get their attention, none of the locals so much as blink an eye. Except, well, some of them do. It hurts the episode to an extent. The whole story, worse, the whole effect of the story, needs these people to be frozen. The stillness should start as mysterious, become kind of spooky, and, in the end, be horrifying for what it cost our protagonists.

Instead, we get unnecessary reminders of just how fake all of this is, and that lessens the impact. The script feels slightly under-done.

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The Leader calmly guides the way forward, the Angry Guy gets angry, and the Naive Guy gets scared and then shouts a lot. The episode makes a big deal out of pointing out how the asteroid has the same environment as Earth why?

But if this is an alien cemetery, why does it look so much like home? That the episode is still as much of a success as it is, is due largely to Cecil Kellaway. Why is it so important that the asteroid have Earth-like conditions? The only inhabitant on it in a position to notice is Wickwire, a robot who could easily be constructed not to care. And who is all of this for? Certainly not the dummies who stand around idolizing the dead bodies.

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The Twilight Zone: “The Purple Testament”/“Elegy”

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