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Prepare a creative way to display the pictures on a bulletin board or large poster. Guided discussion. Focus children's attention on the displayed pictures of the grandparents. Give them the opportunity to take turns and talk about their grandparents.

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Ask them what they like best about grandparents. K-W-L Strategy. Tell the students that they will list things they know about Grandparents. Using the chart, What I know about Grandparents , have the students name everything they can think of that they know about grandparents. Write their comments under the K on the chart. Ask the students what they want to know about grandparents. List their comments under the W on the chart. Some comments might be, "What kind of work do grandparents do?

Give them as much information as possible. If there is anything that needs more research, tell the students that you will find the information and share it with them later. Ask the students what they think they have learned about Grandparents. List their comments under the L part of the chart. Review the list when complete. Tell the students that they are going to make a class book called The Class Family Book. Give each child a prepared page that says, "My Grandparents are special because. If the child's grandparents are not living and they can't remember something special about them, they can write something they think would be special if their grandparents were alive.

More pages will be made in following lessons. Evaluation: Observe how well the students participate in the guided discussion and the comments they make of what they know and what they want to know about grandparents. Examine their book page to see how well they thought about the answer they put in the blank and if they put effort into the illustration. Values Whip Strategy: Tell students that you want them to think of something that the word "family" means to them. Share an example such as, Family means that I am loved.

Or, family means brothers and sisters. Give the children enough time to think of something. Moving around the classroom, have each student quickly share what "family" means to them. Encourage students to keep their examples brief. Summarize the values whip by explaining to the students that everyone belongs to a family. Point out the differences in each student's family. Share other ways that families are different. Guided Discussion. Explain to the children that a family is a special group of people.

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Everyone is a member of a family. Families are different in some ways. Families are different sizes and sometimes the whole family does not live together.

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Tyler reveals what was really in his backpack: A camera, just like the one from Rear Window. Tyler, Ani, and Clay saw the film at the Crestmont together, and Tyler remembers Clay thinking that camera was pretty cool. Clay took Ani out on a dinner date that was misinterpreted as a study session. He gifted Ani a bike — his old one, wrapped up with a red bow — which made her cry.

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That, or maybe Ani is hung up on Bryce? Instead of ditching it, he uses it to threaten Seth. The issue? Steroids, perhaps? Maybe Alex was buying them from Bryce, who we did see shooting up in season 2 along with Monty. Suddenly, Alex looks quite suspicious. After learning that Bryce was selling steroids, the police search the lockers at Liberty High in order to see if they can find people who bought from him.

The theory is that if someone bought from Bryce, maybe that would have reason to want him dead. Zach, the newly-minted team captain, claims he had no idea that his players were juicing. Fortunately, he tosses the steroids just in time to avoid trouble Bryce hates his dad after he left Bryce and his mom and moved into a house down the street.

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A little kid comes down the stairs as Alex is pulling out a samurai sword. Bryce basically shrugs it off. As Alex heads out, he calls out after him — the discount is off, buddy! Monty considered Bryce to be his best friend, but Monty is also a total wild card. When real Winston Deaken Bluman meets up with Clay and Ani, he spills the tea on what really happened with him and Monty. This is blackmail leverage that Bryce and Monty had over Winston after what happened at a party.

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Winston, it should be noted, has the most soulful swimming pools of blue eyes, so like, it tracks. Monty finds Winston laying on the floor of a bedroom that is presumably not his own while in search of the bathroom. Winston sizes Monty up immediately with his baby blues, locks the door, and kisses him. Winston sees Monty walking out of the party with Bryce, and says it was nice to meet him. Maybe they can hang out sometime?

He gets in a lot of shots, and Winston looks Fight Club bad. Winston eventually negotiates even more money, which Bryce is pretty chill with. Rich people really are living in a different world. Mostly, Winston just wants to make sure nothing tarnishes his Princeton legacy — hence the fake ID thing. He obliges At the end of the episode, Mrs. Walker finally tells her racist, senile father that Bryce is dead. While there, she unveils a red Mustang, and peers inside.

The episode opens with Tony in the police station. Deputy Standall asks him how well he knew Bryce. Everyone has complicated feelings about mourning Bryce so publicly. Walker, who, as we know, has lots of issues with Bryce, is also conflicted. He was often cruel, even to her; we saw that in season 2, when he mocked her as he recounted his rape of Hannah.

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He left his wife and immediately bought a house down the street with his new girlfriend, content to cut his ex and his own son entirely out of his life. When Bryce sees Mr. Walker and his new girlfriend at dinner, he asks his dad about playing golf sometime — something that Mr. Walker has no intention of really following up on. Walker to have a heated confrontation with his son.

Despite Bryce calling for all-out nuclear war on his father, Mrs. She tells Bryce that they must be done being controlled by Mr. They should move on. Or maybe it should just endear you to Justin Prentice? In present day, Mr. Who does have motive?