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Culiacan, a city of around , people in the municipality, is the capital. Bandits and cartel soldiers patrol the road, looking for opportunities for a fast dollar or potential threats to the cartel. It is dotted with small settlements, often with large trails of smoke streaming from them. On landing, you see an airport stacked with expensive private planes — mainly fast twin-engine aircraft that have both cargo-carrying and long-range capacity, and a sprinkling of private jets.

Heavily-armed police in body armour stand in the open backs of these utes, and brandish high-powered rifles, machine guns and shotguns. When I visited the swanky Cayenna restaurant, on the lush green banks of the slow-moving Rio Tamazula in central Culiacan, I was probably the only diner without a gun and a bodyguard. Guzman was hiding out in Sinaloa and moving frequently to evade the hunters from both the US and Mexico. While in prison, he'd been working on a film about his life, and had his lawyers prepare documents to copyright his name.

So when Kate suggested they meet and bring a friend — Sean Penn - he was over the moon. Trouble was, the authorities were listening in, and pinpointed Guzman's whereabouts.

Penn used his chat with Guzman for an article in Rolling Stone, which was published on January 9, The day before the article was published, Mexican Marines stormed a nondescript house in Los Mochis, a city in Sinaloa about kms north of Culiacan. After a gun battle that killed five people, the Marines found and arrested Guzman. A year later, he landed in New York to face trial. She joins his daughter from an earlier marriage, Alejandrina, who also has her own clothing and accessories line.

Mexico’s Drug War

But unlike Guzman, with his everyman looks, Quintero is cms tall and stands out in any crowd. Quintero is a long-time cartel heavy and one who flaunted his wealth with mansions in Culiacan, ample bling and glamorous women on both arms. His career hit a hurdle in when he ordered the abduction and murder of the very brave DEA agent Kiki Camarena, whose work while undercover, was the catalyst for a raid on a marijuana plantation worth US5bn.

The Los Angeles Times reported Camarena and colleagues had "uncovered scenes beyond the imagination of even the most veteran drug investigators".

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Camarena was abducted on February 7, , as he walked from the US Consulate in Guadalajara to a lunch date with his wife. Quintero was at the safe house where Camarena was taken but left before the torture and beating began. Berrellez recalled the bizarre scene, saying "upon arrival we were confronted by over 50 DFS agents pointing machine guns and shotguns at us - the DEA".

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The announcement of the reward prompted Quintero to give an interview to Mexican news site Aristegui Noticias. He denied being a cartel member and said, "Now that I'm out I don't want to know anything about drugs. I want to live in peace. Then one day in , a clean-cut young man with no criminal history walked through the door of the DEA office in San Diego and widened the keyhole into a porthole.

Trucks were parked in the garage, in front of the house, and around the block. He had, he confessed, been driving cocaine across America. Grandpa explained how cartel smuggling worked and put names with faces and job descriptions. Thirty-four years earlier, he had been caught participating in a heroin-smuggling ring—part of the events later fictionalized in the movie The French Connection.

He then became an informant and entered witness protection, only to leave the program and return to drug trafficking. Now, for the second time, Grandpa would become a government source, allowing the DEA to mount surveillance equipment at his home. And again his crimes would pay off. The new prominence of the AFO case meant not merely increased manpower but millions of extra dollars for operations and paid informants. One AFO operative in California signed on as an informant just a day before cartel members riddled him with bullets.

Some guys would give us what they wanted to give us and get off. But they could live with that bargain if it meant the task force would eventually work its way to the top. Bringing the Arellano brothers to justice would make it all worthwhile. In his absence, the rank and file got sloppy. Ivonne was tall and lithe and exceptionally beautiful. She had spent the previous year in Paris as a model. Corona approached the driver-side window and saw her lock the door.

His first bullet shattered the window. Three hit Ivonne in the head. One hit Luz, who was pregnant. Corona ran, and both women survived.

El Chapo Fast Facts - CNN

One bungle followed another. But the bomb detonated prematurely, killing the AFO enforcers instead. The next year, the cartel landed a commercial jet loaded with about 10 tons of cocaine on a makeshift airstrip in the desert near La Paz, Mexico. When the plane hit the sand, it sank in and got stuck.

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AFO workmen unloaded the coke into trucks, then tried to blow up the plane. So they brought in construction equipment and tried to bury the plane in the sand instead. They managed to cover only part of it before drawing the attention of the Mexican military. He fled back to Mexico, and the Arellano brothers reassembled. They were still dominant in Tijuana, but the Sinaloa cartel was gaining strength. And they could no longer operate as openly as they once had.

Their unhinged violence, in fact, began to backfire. The letter fingered AFO figures by name. Police found him on the sidewalk, a bright-red stream oozing from his eye socket, his body collapsed on his shotgun stock, which propped him up as if he had decided to take a nap mid-killing. Blancornelas survived. Sonia had to use a propane tank for cooking. One morning, Sonia came downstairs to make breakfast. The tank had been left open all night by accident, dribbling gas into the house.

As soon as she struck a match, the house exploded. The baby in her arms went flying and was critically injured. Eduardo sent Sonia and the baby north for treatment, to the burn center at the University of California at San Diego. He was right to stay behind: At the burn center, Sonia met Dr. Dave Harrison, who happened to be Dave Herrod in disguise, hoping to glean information about Eduardo through small talk with his wife. By now Herrod felt like he knew the Arellanos.

It was surreal, after all this time, to actually talk with one of them. Officially, only John Hansbrough, the head of the burn center, and two other senior hospital staff members knew that Herrod was posing as Dr. But Herrod suspects the nurses noticed that his arrival coincided with that of the special guests from Tijuana—and that he knew shockingly little about burn physiology. He occasionally followed Hansbrough into surgery but mostly stayed out of the way, and he had to offer excuses every time he was called to cover a night shift.