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This practice is termed as dividend stripping. As a result of this activity, the investor receives tax-free dividends.

The concept of Dividend Stripping in India

But since the sale made after receiving the dividend is done at a price lower than the purchase price, it results in a capital loss. You can adjust such losses against any other capital gains income. Hence, the taxpayer enjoys a twofold benefit i. The concept of dividend stripping can be better explained by way of an example:.

Total benefit enjoyed by Mr A is thus Rs. Dividend stripping is not exactly illegal. However, it causes a loss to the exchequer. It should however be noted that, unlike common law tax systems, Chinese income tax legislation does not provide a distinction between income and capital. What is commonly referred to by taxpayers and practitioners as capital gain tax is actually within the income tax framework, rather than a separate regime. In practice, where a resident of a treaty partner alienates assets situated in China as part of its ordinary course of business the gains so derived will likely be assessed as if it is a capital gain, rather than business profit.

This is somewhat contradictory with the basic principles of double taxation treaty. The circular addresses the withholding tax treatment of dividends and interest received by QFIIs from PRC resident companies, however, circular 47 is silent on the treatment of capital gains derived by QFIIs on the trading of A-shares. It is generally accepted that Circular 47 is intentionally silent on capital gains and a possible indication that SAT is considering, but still undecided on, whether to grant tax exemption or other concessionary treatment to capital gains derived by QFIIs.

This uncertainty has caused significant problems for those investment managers investing in A-Shares. Guo Shui Han No. With respect to Circular itself, there are views that it is not consistent with the Enterprise Income Tax Law as well as double taxation treaties signed by the Chinese government.

The validity of the Circular is controversial, especially in light of recent developments in the international arena, such as the TPG case in Australia and Vodafone case in India. As determined by the Cyprus Capital Gains Tax Law, Capital gains tax in Cyprus arising from the sale or disposition of immovable property in Cyprus or the disposal of shares of companies which own immovable property in Cyprus and not listed in a recognised stock exchange.

These gains are not added to other income but are taxed separately. Payment of immovable property tax is paid by both individuals and companies on property owned in Cyprus. Capital gains tax does not apply to profits from the sale of overseas real estate by non-residents, offshore entities, or residents who were not resident when they purchased the asset.

Gains accruing from disposal of immovable property held outside Cyprus and shares in companies, the property whereof consists of immovable property held outside Cyprus, will be exempted from capital gains tax. Individuals may, subject to certain conditions, may claim certain deductions from the applicable taxable gain. Capital gains in the Czech Republic are taxed as income for companies and individuals. For an individual, gain from the sale of a primary private dwelling, held for at least 2 years, is tax exempt.

Or, when not used as a main residence, if held for more than 5 years. Interest paid on loans is deductible, although in case the net capital income is negative, only approx. Resident entities are taxed on worldwide income. Nonresidents are subject to tax only on Ecuador-source income. Companies engaged in the exploration or exploitation of hydrocarbon also are subject to the standard corporate tax rate. Resident individuals are taxed on their worldwide income; nonresidents are taxed only on Ecuadorian-source income.

Dividend tax explained - Which?

There was no capital gains tax. This proposal came to life on 29 May Egypt exempt bonus shares from a new 10 percent capital gains tax on profits made on the stock market as the country's Finance Minister Hany Dimian said on 30 May , and distributions of bonus shares will be exempt from the taxes, and the new tax will not be retroactive. There is no separate capital gains tax in Estonia.

Resident natural persons that have investment account can realise capital gains on some classes of assets tax free until withdrawal of funds from the investment account. For resident legal persons includes partnerships no tax is payable for realising capital gain or receiving any other type of income , but only on payment of dividends, payments from capital exceeding contributions to capital and payments not related to business. However, capital gains from the sale of residential homes is tax-free after two years of residence, with certain limitations.

For residents, there are now two options for treating capital gains shares, bonds, interests, etc.. The second option is to opt for the former treatment whereby gains are taxed at The following year, 6. If shares are held in a special account called a PEA , the gain is subject only to "social contributions" The gain realized on the sale of a principal residence is not taxable. A gain realized on the sale of other real estate held at least 30 years, however, is not taxable, although this will become subject to There is a sliding scale for non principal residence property owned for between 22 and 30 years.

Non-residents are generally taxable on capital gains realized on French real estate and on some French financial instruments, subject to any applicable double tax treaty. Social security taxes, however, are not usually payable by non-residents. A French tax representative will be mandatory if you are non-resident and you sell a property for an amount over In January , Germany introduced a very strict capital gains tax called Abgeltungsteuer in German for shares, funds, certificates, bank interest rates etc.

Capital gains tax only applies to financial instruments shares, bonds etc. Instruments bought before this date are exempt from capital gains tax assuming that they have been held for at least 12 months , even if they are sold in or later, barring a change of law. Certificates are treated specially, and only qualify for tax exemption if they have been bought before 15 March Real estate continues to be exempt from capital gains tax if it has been held for more than ten years. Deductions of expenses such as custodian fees, travel to annual shareholder meetings, legal and tax advice, interest paid on loans to buy shares, etc.

In general Hong Kong has no capital gains tax. However, employees who receive shares or options as part of their remuneration are taxed at the normal Hong Kong income tax rate on the value of the shares or options at the end of any vesting period less any amount that the individual paid for the grant. If part of the vesting period is spent outside Hong Kong then the tax payable in Hong Kong is pro-rated based on the proportion of time spent working in Hong Kong. Therefore, it is possible depending on the country of origin for employees moving to Hong Kong to pay full income tax on vested shares in both their country of origin and in Hong Kong.

Similarly, an employee leaving Hong Kong can incur double taxation on the unrealized capital gains of their vested shares. The Hong Kong taxation of capital gains on employee shares or options that are subject to a vesting period, is at odds with the treatment of unrestricted shares or options which are free of capital gains tax. For those who do trading professionally buying and selling securities frequently to obtain an income for living as "traders", this will be considered income subject to personal income tax rates. This includes: selling stocks, bonds, mutual funds shares and also interests from bank deposits.

Since January , Hungarian citizens can open special "long-term" accounts.

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As of , equities listed on recognised stock exchange are considered long term capital if the holding period is one year or more. Until 31 January , all Long term capital gains from equities were exempt as per section 10 38 if shares are sold through recognized stock exchange and Securities Transaction Tax STT is paid on the sale.

STT in India is currently between 0. Now, from F. In respect of Immovable property, the holding period has been reduced to 2 years to be eligible to Long term capital gain. Whereas, many other capital investments like Jewellery etc. Gains made where the asset was originally purchased before attract indexation relief the cost of the asset can be multiplied by a published factor to reflect inflation.

Purchases made before Jan 1 will have been in the Irish currency of the time, the Irish Punt.

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When indexing such values to present value, they firstly need to be converted to Euro by multiplying by 1. Tax on capital gains arising in the first eleven months of the year must be paid by 15 December, and tax on capital gains arising in the last month of the year must be paid by the following 31 January.

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  8. Capital gains tax of corporate income tax In Japan, there were two options for paying tax on capital gains from the sale of listed stocks. Many traders in Japan used both systems, declaring profits on the Withholding Tax system and losses as taxable income, minimizing the amount of income tax paid.

    Losses can be carried forward for 3 years. Starting in , losses can alternatively be deducted from dividend income declared as "Separate Income" since the tax rate on both categories is equal i. Aggregating profits and dividends to reach a single figure taxed at the same rate is fairly innovative. Capital gains taxes were abolished in Kenya in in order to spur growth in the securities and property market. The Kenyan Parliament passed a motion in August to reintroduce capital gains tax in January [31] and "is expected to increase the cost of land transaction as investors pass on the cost to buyers.

    The tax will also affect those investing in shares and debt in the capital markets. As of 1 January , the capital gains made on the disposal of shares are exempt from the corporate income tax. If loss is incurred upon sale, it will not be deductible. To apply exemption, there are no restrictions on minimal holding period or shareholding. The exemption, however, does not apply on gain from sale of shares in entities located in the black-listed tax haven countries.

    Similarly, gains on disposal of securities quoted on the regulated markets of the EU or EEA countries and investment certificates in EU and EEA open-end investment funds are exempt from taxation in Latvia. The inbound dividends are not taxed in the hands of Latvian company except, the dividends received from the low-tax jurisdiction. Gains from sale of real estate are exempt if the property is owned for more than 3 years before sale.

    How to start investing in Singapore: A practical guide for beginners (updated 12222)

    These tax exemptions will cease to be valid on 1 January for annual gains of over 10, LTL. There is no capital gains tax for equities in Malaysia. Malaysia used to have a capital gains tax on real estate but the tax was repealed in April However, a real property gains tax RPGT has been introduced in Malaysia has imposed capital gain tax on share options and share purchase plan received by employee starting year For who does trading professionally buying and selling securities frequently to obtain an income for living as "traders", this will be considered income subject to personal income tax rates.

    Under the Moldovan Tax Code a capital gain is defined as the difference between the acquisition and the disposition price of the capital asset. Only this difference i. Not all types of assets are "capital assets". Capital assets include: real estate; shares; stakes in limited liability companies etc. Capital gains generally are exempt from tax. Taxable income under Box 2 category includes dividends and capital gains from a substantial shareholding. Box 3: taxable income from savings and investments viz. This will be raised to a threshold of In general an individual will not have to pay tax on capital gains.

    So if the main residence is sold or shares are sold the profit is not taxable. This is different if the transaction s exceed s normal asset management.