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Are those guys factory farmed? I only eat organic, wild alaskan salmon. I think knowing our values and accepting our reality really helps us to choose partners and friends. I think when you're comfortable with yourself you put less emphasis on labels and focus more on the right fit and feel Nothing works, right? So I think its simillar with love Oh my!! That's also usually when I am broke and cannot afford to buy them When we're worn out by a string of failed relationships and we do discover that 'perfect pair of shoes' sometimes that emotional bank is empty.

Like the song says Sometimes they just snap and they don't come back they never come back. Surely they wrote this in reference to emotional attachment to another individual, but I think that it's an apt metaphor for 'emotional currency. I think it is sad that some married people see being married as some kind of achievement that single people haven't achieved. Very often and I have been a Marriage Guidance Counsellor the married person stays together with their partner out of fear of being single and not because they feel happy in the relationship.

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Being single is the best place to be until you find the perfect match for you and even then you are taking a leap of faith to marry that person. Perfect marriages are the ideal partnership. However most relationships need constant working on and this is where many fall down. I'm happily single after a bad abusive marriage that ended four years ago.

I don't have trouble in social situations quite the extrovert to be honest.

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Dating is a lot of work, isn't THAT much fun and can be quite disappointing. Personally, while yes, it would be fun to find a great not perfect - there's no such thing match to spend the rest of my life with, there's no guarantee. Also, I don't understand why being single has such a negative stigma attached to it. Why are we not creating an environment where a single person can just be single and not have "society" wondering what is wrong with us?

Or "why are we not married" or they give us advice on how to date or fix us up with people? I am thrilled for my friends and family members that are in happy relationships! I empathize for those who are in toxic or bad relationships and stay "just because" or because they think being in a bad relationship is better than being single.

I think it ties back to society expecting all of us to be in a relationship.

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It's just not fair to expect that out of everyone. A gosling bonds with the first thing that it sees moving when it comes out from the egg. If that thing is its mother, that's good, because she will take of it and teach it how to survive. If that thing is not its mother, then the gosling is probably screwed. I believe we bond with the first person we have sex with, at least women do. Those first sexual experiences, if properly undertaken as a consenting adult, lead to a huge outpouring of passion and permanent bonding.

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  • If that first relationship does not work out, then we are simply screwed. It's never going to be quite the same. I believe that this has a biological basis in hormones, such as occitocin, and their effects on the brain. While I suppose it could have evolved recently due to some self-reinforcing property of "hard" monogamy virgin marriage, no divorce , during the era of evolutionary adaptation mortality was high and mate loss had to be a common occurence. Even until a century ago death resulting from childbirth was not uncommon, hence all the wicked step-moms in fairytales.

    I certainly remember the first fellow, but I wouldn't say it bonded me to him that much.

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    It certainly helped set certain patterns of relating after him. This may vary from woman to woman. I think that view is inherently flawed. The analogy of the gosling is where you got it twisted, I'm afraid: that is a bond of a parental nature, not a sexual nature. We only bond with our first sexual partner if that's how it turned out. If we just had sex out of curiosity, for instance, that's not our first bond, and is therefore meaningless.

    Attempting to paint over the complexity of human relations with broad strokes using simplistic analogies is asinine. Back to undergrad psych studies for you!

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    Ugh - I cannot even stand the thought of the first man I had sex with. If I could extirpate him from my life, I would in a heartbeat. I only slept with him out of curiosity and rebellion. Serves me right. I don't think it's just as simple as singles not being able to find their life partner.


    I have had plenty of great relationships that were torn apart by external circumstances opportunities to pursue, long distance, etc. Even sacrifices have damaged the relationships because we weren't being true to ourselves. The fact is sometimes relationships don't work out. And therefore, some people don't get married.

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    The number one problems I've encountered with dating are finding someone who doesn't smoke because I have asthma and severe allergies and finding someone who doesn't drink alot or do drugs because when I have dated those people they were miserable to be around. Also I now avoid anyone with mental illness, yet I've been chastised that is too picky but its just that I grew up in an abusive family one parent who had borderline personality disorder and I'd rather not put myself in the midst of abuse and mental anguish again now that I am an adult and have a choice who I live with.

    Apparently that alone is asking to much as I can't even find friends who don't abuse drugs and alcohol as it seems everyone younger than 50 does. I think you might find it valuable to look into different types of mental illnesses - the A, B, Cs of personality disorders are probably definite no gos for you and many people.

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    But in this day and age, most people experience some form of depression or anxiety at some point in their lives, and many of them are actually quite healthy for it - for them, it's like that broken arm that tormented them for a year and with their careful attention and rest ultimately healed stronger than ever before. Or it's the minor anxiety that continues to guide them out of unsafe situations a tad forcefully perhaps but without making them dependent on someone else.

    My point being, mental illness itself doesn't need to be a hard line, and it might be better if it isn't, because you could be missing out on a lot of really incredible and strong people. Maybe it's got something to do with the 55, mostly men who were killed in Vietnam making dating for women in that age group more competitive; ditto for all the other perpetual wars we get ourselves into and their detrimental effect on not only the odds, but the survivors.

    Maybe my 'perfect match' got killed because some vile politician lied about the Domino Effect Be that as it may, after 27 years of marriage to a nice but bland and ultimately boring liked to watch sports, that's about it man, I left; it's been 13 years and I've met well over a men for 'first dates' only. The problem?

    I'm chubby and highly intelligent. I refuse to bother with men who have an IQ substantially below mine, or who can't even write a coherent sentence, and the vast majority of men seem to want a porn-star looking mate. Just look at the on-line dating sites for the number of 60 year old men who want 35 year old women. I mean, WTF?? I'm sure I'd be happier and more 'in demand' if I gave up eating except for the occasional carrot stick and started jogging miles every day, but frankly I have yet to find a man who was worth it.

    Oh, and it's been my experience that the vast majority of married people aren't all that happy; mostly they're just victims of inertia and fear of living alone, even for a few days. My ex married the first woman who came along because he couldn't stand living just with himself. Says a lot, somehow. More often than not I get coupled people asking me the single one for advise and there is plenty of relationships that I have observed where I feel more sorry than potentially envious I cannot but help but often ask myself if ones desire to be in a relationship is intrinsic or Hollywood romance socialization.

    The feeling of desperate - 'Oh my God , he has not called yet' infatuation usually dissipates quite quickly, but so do the partners when they realize they might be 'free' within a realtionship with me Have several coupled friends who constantly tell me for no particular reason just how "happy" they are in their relationship.