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So, how can you make the case for digital transformation in your organization?

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It requires coming to the table prepared see part one , being able to demonstrate the possible return on the time and monetary investment, and creating a roadmap that illustrates change-management process. How are you going to get your execs to contribute to a piece of that pie? Show them innovation's potential return on investment. As a VC and even a CEO for that matter , you'll want to have visibility into the following before embarking on an investment into digitization:.

But, it doesn't end there. You'll want to demonstrate you also have a plan in place to measure the effectiveness of the transformation once it's in place. Thus, monitoring will become crucial once your team has an innovation strategy in place.

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Digital investment experts at PwC stress establishing "process and governance mechanisms by which [companies] can manage and measure their digital return on investment and innovation," and carrying them across six key areas of the organization: customers, operations, safety and soundness, disruption and innovation, employees, and infrastructure. By making the case that you have a plan in place for measuring these areas, it will help quell the nerves of those who hold the purse strings in your organization.

After you've explained to your executives why innovation is crucial to business growth and shown the potential return on investment, present an initial roadmap for success. This book shows readers how to build a convincing business case and present it to C-level executives. Readers will discover how to: Find key financial information on a prospect Determine a corporation's financial stability Clearly define the value of the product or service they are selling Calculate the value impact of their offerings in financial metrics Clarifying how sales packages fit into metrics such as return on asset, return on equity, operating costs, net profit, and earnings, this book reveals how readers can determine their product's value as perceived by an organization's ultimate decision makers, and unlock the door to greater sales.

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Add to basket. Just Listen Mark Goulston. People Styles at Work And Beyond Robert Bolton. What Customers Crave Webb. Internet Riches. Flap copy As economic realities press ever more forcefully on business, executives will be keenly aware of the specific financial ramifications of every large buying decision.

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In fact, they're unlikely to pull the trigger without the direct and detailed involvement of their own finance teams. In short, the buy will be tied not just to a general sense of strategy but also to individual, targeted components of a budget or forecast. To sales professionals like you, this means understanding how top executives evaluate and prioritize potential purchases, recognizing the challenges they face, and presenting your product or service as a value proposition. Packed with real financial knowledge, but geared toward the layman, The Key to the C-Suite identifies and defines ten key financial metrics that C-Suite executives use throughout their buying-decision process and shows you how to build your value proposition and business case to complement theirs.

The book also guides you in: - Defining your value and building a value inventory - Calculating and communicating your potential value impact on a prospect's C-Suite metrics - Discovering and analyzing prospects' financial information so you can tailor your approach to their financial realities - Forming and asking the questions that will repeatedly lead your prospect back to your value proposition - Preparing and delivering the formal presentation to C-level executives The Key to the C-Suite also provides an array of powerful tools to help you not only redesign your general business approach but also tailor it on a prospect-by-prospect, client-by-client basis.

In addition to resource information on where to find financial metrics for corporations in 19 major industries, you will have: - Clear definitions and examples of the financial metrics used in strategic decision making - A Value Inventory Matrix tool linking your proposition directly to specific client needs - Step-by-step instructions for creating the value-focused questions you need to ask - Presentation tools and strategies, with many real-world examples from the author's own experience and customer base - Parallels and links with other major sales methodologies to take advantage of familiarity - And much more Each chapter concludes with a detailed summary that neatly encapsulates major concepts and lays the groundwork for your next steps.

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Perhaps most important, The Key to the C-Suite helps you understand the financial language and realities that inform and drive every major buy-ing decision. And if that language is the key to the buy, shouldn't it also be the secret of your sales success?

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Back cover copy "The perfect blend of street-smart advice and MBA intellect for talking it up with anyone in the C-Suite. The challenging new environment businesses will be facing in the post-recession economy forces all operating and marketing processes to be financial contributors to the enterprise. Michael's book is a timely recognition of this fact and valuable roadmap to selling success. And his advice on how to effectively do it is priceless.

Now imagine a book so powerful that in a few short hours it could teach you that language and allow you to live in prosperity. For many in sales, the C-Suite is a foreign country and the language of business is hard to understand.

The Key to the C-Suite is a powerful sales translator, teaching you to present your product or service in such a way that C-Suite executives know they have to take action NOW. The Key to the C-Suite is an absolute must-read for all sales reps looking to change their selling approach and start speaking the language of the C-Suite! Qualify 2. Discovery 3. Present Solution 4.

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