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The crowd at Fantasticon is generally made up of generous, kind and friendly people. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them last year, and I expect to have the same enjoyment this year. I also sold a good number of books last year.

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Like Like. Best of luck with this, Stuart. How exciting! I just downloaded your, Ten Tales to my kindle. I look forward to reading. Thanks, AnnMarie. Enjoy the read.

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Just checked my kindle, I downloaded, Ten Tales for Tomorrow. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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They provide both an audience to the humans and a judgement upon them. If anyone comes out of the book with respect, it is these initially inhuman members of the cast. Did that stop me from enjoying the story?

The Methuselah Strain

Not at all. The characters were crafted specifically to get a reaction and it worked flawlessly.

And the story kept me thinking about it for days afterwards. In conclusion, this is a well put together story that is very easy to read. It deals with its questions in an adult way, so be warned some scenes and language may shock. As the Prime Renegade plans the disabling of automatic systems that support the dwindling human population, she seeks a man to love and to father her child.

The Methuselah Strain by Stuart Aken

The usual route of artificial insemination appeals to her about as much as the materialistic and hedonistic philosophy that now drives most people. And, secretly, forces designed to serve mankind develop a sense of superiority that might threaten human survival. This science fiction novelette, running to around 26, words, is set on Earth some few hundred years in the future. Much has happened to change the planet with which we are familiar, but human beings remain pretty much the mixed-up and flawed creatures we have always been.

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Excellent review putting my thoughts on the book into words much better than I ever could. Comment added by Valerie Allison on Dec 3, Add a comment.

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