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Here, Dante says to see many clergymen including cardinals and popes.

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The Fifth Circle of Hell is where the wrathful and sullen are punished for their sins. Transported on a boat by Phlegyas, Dante and Virgil see the furious fighting each other on the surface of the river Styx and the sullen gurgling beneath the surface of the water. Again, the punishment reflects the type of the sin committed during their lifetime.

When reaching the Sixth Circle of Hell, Dante and Virgil see heretics who are condemned to eternity in flaming tombs. The latter, however, is according to some modern scholars condemned by Dante as a heretic by mistake.

Instead, as some scholars argue, the poet probably meant the Byzantine Emperor Anastasius I. The Seventh Circle of Hell is divided into three rings. The Outer Ring houses murderers and others who were violent to other people and property. Here, Dante sees Alexander the Great disputed , Dionysius I of Syracuse, Guy de Montfort and many other notable historical and mythological figures such as the Centaurus, sank into a river of boiling blood and fire.

In the Middle Ring, the poet sees suicides who have been turned into trees and bushes which are fed upon by harpies.

Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon

But he also sees here profligates, chased and torn to pieces by dogs. In the Inner Ring are blasphemers and sodomites, residing in a desert of burning sand and burning rain falling from the sky. The Eight Circle of Hell is resided by the fraudulent. Dante and Virgil reach it on the back of Geryon, a flying monster with different natures, just like the fraudulent.

This circle of Hell is divided into 10 Bolgias or stony ditches with bridges between them. In Bolgia 1, Dante sees panderers and seducer. In Bolgia 2 he finds flatterers.

After crossing the bridge to Bolgia 3, he and Virgil see those who are guilty of simony. Although a little startled at the request, Dak'kon will unlock the first circle for TNO to study "use" it from the inventory.

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After studying it, TNO can return to Dak'kon to tell him what he has learned. This will grant a new spell, and unlock the next circle See below for requirements etc. The eight circles of Zerthimon tell of events in the history of the githzerai people, and include moral lessons to be learnt by the followers of Zerthimon. The First Circle tells of how the githzerai came to be, and came to be enslaved. They become tool for others.

One day, he discovered the untouched corpse of a husk which awakened his curiosity. In enduring, grow strong. But Vilquar, instead of seeing freedom, saw opportunity and betrayed his people to his master, Zhijitaris, who used Vilquar's eye to locate dissenters and devour their brains.

Zerthimon figured out what Vilquar was up to and hushed the brewing rebellion, making him believe it was over.

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Vilquar returned to his master for his promised reward, but was only devoured himself. They are blind. For when they heard Vilquar's words, they turned their sight outwards again, didn't they? And the Rising was free to strike? The Fifth Circle tells of Gith, a warrior-queen and one of the People.

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Even Zerthimon laid his blade at her feet. Both were strong voices and many followers.

see Thus started a civil war that continues to this day between the githzerai and the githyanki. So he chose to stop Gith before she carried the People to their deaths. There must be balance in all things, or else the self will not hold. He puts an abrupt end to the conversation by yelling at TNO that he will never know Zerthimon's mind. There are two more circles that Dak'kon cannot unlock, so TNO has to do it himself. This grants XP.

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